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Scott Emerson 

 I have known Marty for 20 years. I love his passion to help. He is constantly seeking ways to improve himself and improve his clients. Marty is a true Pro!

Head Pitching Coach of the Oakland Athletics


Andrew Lihotz 

Marty has been a huge asset to our academy. He has built our strength program for our 16 week BULLPEN Program which helps high school pitchers achieve their fullest potential. Working closely with our top pitchers over the winter, he keeps them healthy and prevents injury throughout the rigorous throwing program. He communicates well with the players by showing and talking to them in a way so they understand hat's important about their body and how to get the most out of it.

GM/Pitching Coach of Rake Baseball Academy


Jeremy Hefele

Assistant Baseball Coach at Cairn University

Marty has been tremendous to know as a person and a professional. He has made my job easier as a coach  providing my players with safe and effective ways to take care of their bodies in the weight room and on the field. What separates him from others in the industry is his willingness to help at the drop of a hat with anything you need. It is easy to see his passion for helping out baseball players through his close attention to detail in everything they do. He has equipped me and my players with the knowledge that is hard to find elsewhere. He has been generous enough to come out to a handful of my practices in order to help guys with anything they need at that time. I trust Marty with the health and safety of all my players. I myself am very excited to see the development of his website and all the great content that will come out of it!


Collegiate Baseball Player

I wanted to thank you for making time for me when I injured my shoulder blade, I can gladly say I no longer feel pain when I swing and that is because of your program.


Extremely grateful parents of a teenager with aspirations to become a pitcher in college

As a little league pitcher, our son was experiencing shoulder and elbow injuries on and off for 3 years. After receiving a misdiagnosis on how to treat from medical doctors, and much frustration and worry, we took our son to physical therapist Dr. Martin Egan. It was from that moment that life changed for the better for our son. Dr. Martin Egan provided physical therapy for little league shoulder/elbow syndrome which became our son's life for 12 months, 2-3 days a week. We can't sugarcoat it, It was a long process with range of motion and strengthening exercises, all not knowing if full recovery would happen. Dr. Egan, who we now call Marty, combined his medical and baseball knowledge and dedicated a significant amount of time to our son's recovery. He encouraged him to continue with proper throwing techniques, warm-up and strengthening exercises. He taught him awareness about his arm and body as a pitcher and discussed the mental aspect of a pitcher with an injury and the recovery process. Because of Martin Egan's dedication to physicaltherapy and helping others, our son is serious again about reaching his goals to play high school and college baseball. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for Dr. Martin Egan's dedication, professionalism and knowledge of physical therapy. Even after the physical therapy program ended, the care and concern didn't end. Marty continues to check in with our son on how he is doing in the "off season". Any baseball players and parents know, the "off season" consists of players conditioning their bodies in preparation for the upcoming season. Baseball is our life and we are excited to see what the spring and summer bring for our son.


Forever Grateful,

J& M, extremely grateful parents of a teenager with aspirations to become a pitcher in college


RN and Infusion Nurse

I've known Marty for over 10 years. He is my go to guy with any question or concerns I may have regarding injuries or joint and muscle pain issues. You can tell immediately that he is a good listener. He explains everything in great detail. Then he formulates a plan customized to you. You never feel rushed. He personalizes a treatment plan specifically for the issue. He has always been spot on n his treatment plan for me . He's my miracle worker!

Sean F.

from Jamison, PA

After my rotator cuff surgery, I was fearful that I would not get back to playing hockey. Marty listened and addressed all my concerns with knowledge and compassion. His expertise in Physical Therapy allowed me to return to playing hockey quicker than I expected. I would recommend Dr. Egan to anyone who needs Physical Therapy.

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